Celebration cakes

We really do love baking your dreams!

Get in touch to check our availability for any special dates. We have bookings in the diary up to a year ahead and are normally fully booked around a month or two in advance.


Our custom celebration cakes start from:

£35 for a small 4” cake (approximately 5 – 6 servings) – these look great alongside complementing cupcakes.

£55 for a 6” cake (approximately 10 – 12 servings).

£70 for an 8” cake (20+ servings).

These starting prices are for a buttercream-covered round cake in your choice of flavour/s, decorated to a simple level and presented on a cake board decorated to complement the cake and theme.

We can quote for more complex decoration and handmade models and details.

Illusion cakes, sculpted cakes, princess doll cakes and cakes in the shape of letters and numbers are all possible. Please contact us for a bespoke quote for these.

We also offer lots of other tasty treats to go alongside – or as an alternative to – our custom celebration cakes.

We’d love to help

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We take allergies very seriously and make every effort to ensure our bakes meet your allergy requirements. However we do handle allergens on our premises, and as such every order should be treated as “may contain”.

Please ask if you require further information on the allergens contained within our products.