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Laura A. Osborne

We think it’s important to give back to the community.

Charity Fundraising

We’ve raised money for some incredible causes. Thank you so much to our wonderful customers who have helped us to raise funds so far. In 2020 we raised £218.70.

Project Wingman 2020 Donation

Project Wingman is a group of current and former aircrew that are dedicated to serving NHS frontline staff. Furloughed, grounded, or made redundant by the COVID-19 crisis, aircrew currently find themselves in the unexpected circumstances of having the skills and time to help those most in need of a smile. We were delighted to support this worthwhile cause with a donation.

75th VE Day Celebration

For VE Day we celebrated with our neighbours by baking mini cupcakes, decorated in patriotic colours!

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We take allergies very seriously and make every effort to ensure our bakes meet your allergy requirements. However we do handle allergens on our premises, and as such every order should be treated as “may contain”.

Please ask if you require further information on the allergens contained within our products.